Welcome to the 2nd trimester of our Pregnancy Pilates Program. Here, you'll discover the best workouts for the second trimester of your pregnancy. This program is designed to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy journey.

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  • Day 7 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the first class of the second trimester in our Pregnancy Pilates program. Today, our focus will be on elongating and preparing our bodies for labor. Throughout the second trimester series, we'll take it easy and slow, emphasizing the quality of each movement. For this class, we'll be usin...

  • Day 8 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the second class of the second trimester, where our focus will be on the legs. To feel free and live without pain, aim to attend this class as often as possible. During this workout, you'll encounter a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening your back and improving mobility. All you n...

  • Day 9 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to Day 9 of Pregnancy Pilates. This is another workout from the second trimester. We will move through a variety of positions with smooth transitions, starting with standing exercises for strength and balance, then moving to all-fours exercises, and finishing the class with movements whil...

  • Day 10 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Today, we have a toning Pilates class designed for pregnancy. This workout is safe for the first two trimesters, but please avoid any exercises that involve lying on your back during the third trimester. The class is specifically tailored for the second trimester, so grab a pair of 1 kg dumbbells...

  • Day 11 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the Pregnancy Pilates class for the second trimester. Today we focus on glutes only. Weak glutes might be the reason for bladder frequency and urgency. For this class, you need only your mat and something comfy to weak. Let`s get started.

  • Day 12 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Upper body strength and mobility Pilates for pregnancy. Focusing on building upper body strength and mobility can minimize upper back, shoulder, and neck pain and discomfort. It is also important to keep your upper body mobile and flexible. If you want to achieve and have all these amazing benefi...