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Upper Body Pilates With Dumbbells



  • Legs and Lower Body Pilates_30 Minutes

    Welcome to the Legs and Lower Body Pilates Class. In this 30-minute session, we'll concentrate on enhancing strength and flexibility. Although our primary focus is on the legs and lower body, Pilates engages the core, emphasizes shoulder stability, and encourages finding a neutral spine to ensure...

  • Low Impact Pilates 40 Minutes

    Welcome to our 40-minute low-impact Pilates Class. In this session, we will emphasize slow and controlled movements. The quality of each exercise is essential for maximizing the benefits of your workout. Our goal is to engage your entire body, maintain proper form throughout, and leave you feelin...

  • At-Home Reformer Pilates_No equipment

    Welcome to the at-home reformer Pilates Class. Today we don't use a mat. You don’t need any equipment for this brand-new style, but you do need a towel. In this 30 min class we will recreate reformer pilates movements. Find a floor surface that lets you glide...Instead of a towel, you can also us...