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  • Full Length 55 Minutes Class

    Welcome to the 55-minute class. for the first time, we have a full-length class like the one you get in the studio. Enjoy and let me know how it was!

  • Upper Body Pilates With Dumbbells

    This class focuses on improving the strength and mobility of arms, shoulders, upper back, and complete upper body. We're using a small pair of dumbbells per 1 kg weight.

  • Legs and Lower Body Pilates_30 Minutes

    Welcome to the Legs and Lower Body Pilates Class. In this 30-minute session, we'll concentrate on enhancing strength and flexibility. Although our primary focus is on the legs and lower body, Pilates engages the core, emphasizes shoulder stability, and encourages finding a neutral spine to ensure...

  • Low Impact Pilates 40 Minutes

    Welcome to our 40-minute low-impact Pilates Class. In this session, we will emphasize slow and controlled movements. The quality of each exercise is essential for maximizing the benefits of your workout. Our goal is to engage your entire body, maintain proper form throughout, and leave you feelin...

  • At-Home Reformer Pilates_No equipment

    Welcome to the at-home reformer Pilates Class. Today we don't use a mat. You don’t need any equipment for this brand-new style, but you do need a towel. In this 30 min class we will recreate reformer pilates movements. Find a floor surface that lets you glide...Instead of a towel, you can also us...

  • Toning and Strength 45 Min

    Tonign and strength Pilates class with dumbbells. If you don't have dumbbells you can use hand wrist or any other hand weights, or 2 bottles of water instead.

  • Easy Flow Pilates 20 Min

    Welcome to Easy Flow Pilates. In this class, you can find some dynamic stretching exercises, and some classical Pilates moves. This is a nice and easy Pilates class with smooth transitions. You will feel amazing after this class since it will warm up your body and prepare you for the day.

  • Power Pilates Class 30 min

    In the Power Pilates class, we use small pair of dumbbells in order to create resistance that helps us build a strong and functional body. We will also work the upper body, lower body, and legs. If you don't have dumbbells use 2 bottles of water or any other hand weights.

  • Back and Upper Body Toning Class

    Welcome to the Upper Body & Back Pilates Class. Today, we will start with a complete upper body toning session using a pair of small dumbbells. I have a pair that weighs 1 kilo each, but you can also use two bottles of water as an alternative. We will finish the class with some fantastic back exe...

  • Booty Toning Class

    In this Pilates class, we will focus on targeting all angles of your booty to create strong glutes. Strengthening your glutes not only lifts and tones your backside but also provides support for your spine and lower back. Join me on the mat.

  • Abs And Back Pilates Class

    Welcome to the Back and abs series. Pilates always covers the whole body. But today we are going to focus on the back and abs, or core, to help you move freely, feel better and be stronger.

  • Full Body Cardio Pilates

    Full body cardio Pilates class in which we focus on classical Pilates movements but at a fast pace, in order to achieve this amazing cardio burn effect. This workout is for you if your goal is to lose weight, or just to break a sweat. We use small pair of dumbbells, per 1 kg, to add more resistan...

  • Full Body Strength Pilates Class

    If you want to improve your endurance, control, and overall body strength this workout is perfect for you. In this class, we go easy and slowly, focusing on activating the muscles and performing each exercise properly. With Strength Pilates, you'll not only feel stronger, but you'll also develop ...

  • Easy Morning pilates flow_30 Minute

    Welcome to a 30-minute easy morning pilates flow. This class is great for starting the day off in the best possible way. If you feel back pain, feel stressed, or have a lake of energy, this class can help a lot.

  • Legs and core Pilates

    Join me in this class to strengthen your core and lower body through a variety of side-laying Pilates exercises. With a focus on your thighs, glutes, and core, this workout will help you stabilize your core and engage deep core muscles for a functional body. Achieve the toned core and legs you de...

  • Full Body Definition + Dynamic Stretching_45 minute

    Welcome to a full-body definition class with dynamic stretching. We use small pair of dumbbells to increase the intensity of this class, you can go without any hand weights, it will still be challenging. We have also dynamic stretching exercises that will help you improve your flexibility and fee...

  • 40 min_Toning Class with Dumbbells

    A 40-minute toning class with dumbbells is a full-body workout created to help you tone and strengthen your body. We use small dumbbells in this class to create resistance and have better results.

    Let me know what you think about these longer classes, would you like to see more 40-minute and lo...