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DAY 1 Full Body Sculpt

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Summer Glow - Introduction

SUMMER GLOW • 1m 15s


  • DAY 1 Full Body Sculpt

    On the Day 1 and Full Body Sculpt class, we are going to be using hand weights to add some additional resistance and get into shape faster. So, get your dumbbells, and let's get started.

  • DAY 2 Cardio Pilates Burn

    Welcome to Day 2 of the Summer Glow and Cardio Pilates class. In today's workout, we are going to be mixing things up, changing the pace, and adding different styles to get the heart rate up and really make you sweat. 

  • DAY 3 Barre Toning

    Welcome to Day 3 and the barre toning workout. Barre-style classes are ballet-inspired workouts and they are a great way to sculpt and tone beautiful and lean muscles. Barre-style classes will also help you move easily with grace and just feel strong and feminine at the same time.