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Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

DAY 24_Stretching flow



  • DAY 25_Cardio Pilates_30 min

    Get ready for 30 minutes of intense, dynamic and fast pace workout. This class is going to get your heart rate up and to break a sweat. Drink as much water as you can today during the day and make healthy food choices. Join me on the mat and let´s get started.

  • DAY 26_Arms and Back Workout

    Welcome to Back and Arms workout. Today we’re going to use weight, or if you don’t have 1 kg dumbbells take two small bottles of water. Strong arms are important for carrying things around, lifting, better movement and back protection. Also, strength training exercises for your arms, even with so...

  • DAY 27_MOVE Whole Body Pilates

    This workout is focusing on whole body and is great for those who are just beginning with pilates. But also in some points it can be challenging even if you are on advanced level, if you implement pilates principles. I don't count during workout, so you should think of quality of the move and go ...