6 Week Transformation Challenge is all about providing you possibility to feel better, move freely and look leaner. 

In this Challenge we are going to have 6 days of exercising per week. Each Workout is 20 - 30 minutes. 

We are going to awaken all small muscles, stretch and elongate whole body and you will have much better control over your body through movement. 

✨ BEGINNER BABES ✨  Please listen to your body and take additional rest days as needed. You can stretch this challenge over 8 or 10 weeks. Make it work best for you! 

I’m so happy you are joining me let´s get started with DAY 1!

  • Welcome Message

    Watch this video to get more info what is this challenge about and how it can help you! Start 7-DAY FREE Trial https://studio.pilatesness.com

  • DAY 1_Cardio Core Pilates

    In this workout we are going to get heart rate up and do some Cardio Pilates, while engaging Core and having better body control.
    If you want to challenge yourself more, you can use Dumbbells or 2 bottles of Water.

  • DAY 2_Toning Low Impact Pilates

    Low impact means that both feet, or at least one foot, stay in contact with the ground most of the time.
    So the whole body is supported and we have less impact on out joints.

  • DAY 3_Full Body Workout 15 min

    This is quick but complete workout for whole body.

  • DAY 4_Debloat and Detox / 30 min Full Body

    During holiday season we are all more into eating heavy food and drinking too much. In order to prevent bloating we should keep moving. This workout can help you to detox and debloat your body.

  • DAY 5_Standing Toning Pilates Workout_30 min

    This is nice and easy pace, low impact workout. We are going to stay in standing position all the time, so if you wish you can wear snickers too. We use no equipment today and let´s get into it.

  • DAY 6_Stretching Detox Pilates

    This class is created to help you to release the toxins out of your system. How are we going to do this? With lots of twisting which provide an internal massage to the organs. At the same time we are going to stretch muscles and help you to release the stress and tension.

  • DAY 7_Classical Pilates

    Today we are going to perform only original and classical pilates exercises.
    It’s very important to perform this exercises slowly and with complete control of your body and the movement.
    Some exercises may be too challenging for you. Not because they are so complicated and advanced, but because ...

  • DAY 8_Cardio Pilates + Boxing

    Today we have full body cardio pilates which is going to get your heart rate up. It´s going to be fast pace workout, with fast transitions and we are going to include some boxing moves too. You can use your dumbbells, optionally.

  • DAY 9_LEGS - Strengthening and Flexibility

    Today we are going to work our legs, in order to stretch them and make your legs strong and beautiful. We will target variety of legs muscle groups.

  • DAY 10_Full Body Pilates Class_40 min

    This is 40 min pilates workout with focus on whole body.
    Don´t forget to keep your core engaged (especially ABS) and keep your spine and pelvis in neutral position to protect your back.
    Our focus today is whole body, which means that we are going to train every single muscle, step by step.
    This i...


    This 5 min BACK WORKOUT At Home Pilates is the best if you are sitting a lot and if you have an office job.
    This BACK WORKOUT At Home Pilates will help you to straighten your back, tone your back muscles and to strengthen muscles which support your spine.
    You will feel great after this Pilatesn...

  • DAY 12_Stretching and core

    Stretching is very important and helps you to remove muscle stiffness and to relax your body. It’s not always pleasent , but it should be part of your workout routine.
    Also, we already talked about core and you know that I always emphasise important of strong core.
    Lets repeat today what you sho...

  • DAY 13_Full Body Pilates Workout / Stretching and Toning

    FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT with lots of Stretching and Toning is really complete workout. After this Full Body Pilates Workout you will feel really energised. Firstly, we are starting with standing exercises which includes challenging plié series, squat and lunge. This will help you to define inn...

  • DAY 14_INNER THIGHS Workout

    It is very effective workout with focus on whole legs but your inner thighs will burn 🔥🔥🔥
    If you want to get rid of thigh fat, there is no better way than exercising. But, to have the best results repeat this workout for 10 days and include well balanced diet. No specific diet is suggested for lo...

  • DAY 15_LEGS

    In this LEGS Pilatesness class we will focus on sculpting and toning our legs, but if you repeat everyday for a two weeks it will help you to loss fat and burn unwanted cellulite.

  • DAY 16_Standing Pilates Workout

    Welcome to Pilatesness and STANDING FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT. This workout can be done wherever you want. In your office, home, park or at the beach.
    Standing series of pilates exercises are gentle and for every lever of physical condition.

  • DAY 17_CORE

    Today I am sharing with you CORE ENGAGEMENT Pilates Workout.
    - What is CORE and why is CORE so important?
    Pilates instructors often explain what core is and that having sic-pack doesn’t mean that you have strong core and vice versa. Your six-pack is thing of your good genetics and diet, doesn’t ...

  • DAY 18_Stretching

    Hi everyone and welcome to 30 min of Stretching.
    It’s so important to include stretching in your workout routine.
    Stretching, especially dynamic, improves flexibility so you’re able to move freely.
    It also, increases the range of motion, helps you to relax, relive the stress and improves your pos...

  • DAY 19_Short and Effective Pilates | Full Body Workout

    It´s a full body workout, as Pilates always is. Pilates helps train whole body, which creates equally balanced musculature. In Pilates no muscle group is over trained or undertrained.
    Enjoy this short and effective pilates workout for your whole body (it great for your mind too).

  • DAY 20_Weight Loss / 30 MIN Full Body Pilates

    To lose a weight with pilates we need to speed up and make faster transitions. This will make your heart rate up, which means burning more calories.

    Pilates in general will improve your strength, your flexibility, balance and will make you fill great in your body. But, to be completely balanced ...

  • DAY 21_Pilates PLANK Challenge

    The plank is a great abdominal and core exercise. It helps you to strengthens the core and stabilize, balance, and power the body during every other activity. Core strength can reduce stress on the joints and helps you to have better posture.

  • DAY 22_Arms, Core, Legs and Back Workout

    This is great workout for your arms and shoulders. But, we will anyway have exercises for whole body, since pilates is always whole body workout. Engage your abs and activate your core when performing exercises.

  • DAY 23_Legs and Glutes

    LEGS & GLUTES Pilates is perfect to effectively tone your booty and sculpt lean legs. Through a combination of Pilates booty and legs exercises, this Pilatesness Class will work your inner and outer thighs, as well as glutes, to create strong beautiful leg and booty muscles like never before.