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Day 1 - Pregnancy Pilates



  • Day 2 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the second class of our Pregnancy Pilates program, part of the first trimester series. Today's session will focus entirely on exercises performed in a standing position. It's designed for those days when you don't feel like lying down on the mat but still want to engage your body and prio...

  • Day 3 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the third session of our Pregnancy Pilates Program, a series designed specifically for expecting mothers aiming for a healthy and active pregnancy. Today's focus lies on lying-down exercises. We aim to offer diverse workouts for each day of the program, enabling you to select the most res...

  • Day 4 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to Day 4 of the First Trimester Series from the Pregnancy Pilates Program! Today, we have a Resistance Band class. We'll be using a light resistance band to create the tension necessary for building upper body strength, a crucial aspect during pregnancy. Join me on the mat.