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Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

DAY 11_Cardio Pilates Workout



  • DAY 12_Toning Low Impact Pilates

    Low impact means that both feet, or at least one foot, stay in contact with the ground most of the time.
    So the whole body is supported and we have less impact on out joints.

  • DAY 13_Stretching and Core Strengthening

    Stretching is very important and helps you to remove muscle stiffness and to relax your body.
    Also, we already talked about core and you know that I always emphasise important of strong core.
    Let's repeat today what you should do to activate your core.
    You have to activate your core when we perf...

  • DAY 14_Yoga and Pilates

    I’m glad you are joining me today because this workout is something so great for you, that you are going to come back to this very often. We have Yoga and Pilates combined together and it’s so calming and relaxing, but at the same time, you will feel all muscles engaging and helping you to go thr...