I´m so happy to start this Mindfulness and Pilates Spring Challenge, which is aimed to help You achieve better fitness results and build stronger body-mind connection.

Mindful living can have really big impact on quality of your life. It can help you to be more present and enjoy in every moment, which can make you more concentrated, organised, efficient and it can enhance your inner peace.

Join me in this Spring Challenge and let´s build that body/mind connection which will improve your core strength, your balance, build muscle tone and improve the overall quality of your life

  • Mindfulness and Pilates_About Challenge

    I´m so happy to start this Mindfulness & Pilates Spring Challenge, which is aimed to help You achieve better fitness results and build stronger body-mind connection.

    Mindful living can have really big impact on quality of your life. It can help you to be more present and enjoy in every moment, ...

  • E-BOOK Mindfulness & Pilates

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    This E-Book is your guideline for Mindfulness & Pilates challenge. Here you can find more info about Mindfulness and how to implement it in your workout, eating and journaling.

  • DAY 1_Spine Mobility and Full Body Workout

    This workout will improve mobility of your spine. It's a full body workout as well, it will engage your core, glutes and legs. After this workout you will feel more energised and you will move freely, so I suggest this workout in the Morning, to kick start your day in the best possible way.

  • DAY 2_Centering, Movement, Meditation

    Today we are going to use 3 main practises created for teaching Mindfulness. It´s Centering, Movement and Short Meditation. We will have short 3 minutes centering practise, 20 min, and 30 min movement practise and really quick meditation at the end.

  • DAY 3_Core and Butt

    Today we have a nice series of core exercises aimed to make your core stronger. We are going to focus on gluts as well, to shape beautiful peachy booty.

  • DAY 4_Back Strength and Flexibility

    This is Back Pilates Workout and we are going to focus on the most important part of a body - your back and spine.
    You need to make your back strong in order to protect your spine. Not only that your back need strength, you have to improve mobility of your back and spine if you want to be pain-f...

  • DAY 5_Yogilates

    This is pilates Yoga Fusion class, aimed to help you to tone and strengthen your body. This workout will speed up your metabolism, get your heart rate up, stretch your back and strengthen leg and core muscles. To start your day in the best possible way do this workout first thing in the morning.

  • DAY 6_Body Alignment

    This pilates class is really great for creating a balanced body, which is so important for proper body functioning and physical health.
    We are going to do a series of exercises which will activate all small and big muscles, which is so important if you want to have an evenly developed muscles.

  • DAY 7_HIIT Yogilates

    This is the most effective workout I've ever tried. HIIT Yogilates is a cardio workout, will engage the whole body and really break a sweat. You will burn a lot of calories in this workout and release all the stress and tension of your body in only 20 minutes.

  • DAY 8_Cardio Core Pilates

    In this workout we are going to get heart rate up and do some Cardio Pilates, while engaging Core and having better body control.
    If you want to challenge yourself more, you can use Dumbbells or 2 bottles of Water.

  • DAY 9_Lower Body Pilates Workout

    Today we have great lower body workout which can really help to tone beautiful and lean legs, lift your butt, strengthen your body and make you feel strong and powerful.

  • DAY 10_Stretching Detox Pilates

    This class is created to help you to release the toxins out of your system. How are we going to do this? With lots of twisting which provide an internal massage to the organs. At the same time we are going to stretch muscles and help you to release the stress and tension.

  • DAY 11_Cardio Pilates Workout

    Today we have 30 min Cardio Pilates. We use dumbbells per 1 kg, if you don't have hand weights you can use 2 bottles of water.
    Enjoy this workout and drink as much water as possible today.

  • DAY 12_Toning Low Impact Pilates

    Low impact means that both feet, or at least one foot, stay in contact with the ground most of the time.
    So the whole body is supported and we have less impact on out joints.

  • DAY 13_Stretching and Core Strengthening

    Stretching is very important and helps you to remove muscle stiffness and to relax your body.
    Also, we already talked about core and you know that I always emphasise important of strong core.
    Let's repeat today what you should do to activate your core.
    You have to activate your core when we perf...

  • DAY 14_Yoga and Pilates

    I’m glad you are joining me today because this workout is something so great for you, that you are going to come back to this very often. We have Yoga and Pilates combined together and it’s so calming and relaxing, but at the same time, you will feel all muscles engaging and helping you to go thr...

  • DAY 15_Pilates Stretching Flow

    Welcome to Pilatesness and 20 min easy stretching flow. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s easy in transitions, not in intensity. So, we will have anyway some challenging moves, and all you have to do is listen to your body, go as much as you can - but challenge yourself for more.
    Think about the...

  • DAY 16_Full Body Fat Burn

    Today we are going to focus on fat burn exercises to break a sweat and do some nice cardio workout. We don't use any equipment. Join me on the mat and let’s get started.

  • DAY 17_Classical Pilates Flow

    Today we have Flow Pilates class. A traditional pilates exercise with smooth transitions and slow pace. But don't let the name fool you, it's going to be intense anyway. Join me on the mat and let's go!

  • Day 18_Cardio Low Impact Pilates

    Today we have 30 min perfect cardio - low impact workout. There will be no jumping but you are going to sweat. It´s so effective and you are going to love it.

  • DAY 19_Chair Full Body Pilates

    Today we have something new and special - it’s Chair Pilates Workout! It's a full-body workout and it will move the whole body and help you build strength. Take your regular kitchen chair, not the one from the office - it shouldn't be moving. Put the chair on the mat, to avoid slipping. Join me a...

  • DAY 20_Upper Body Workout

    Welcome to Pilatesness and to Upper Body Pilates Workout! If you want toned arms and shoulders, and a stronger back this class is perfect for you. I love to see a shaped upper body when I start wearing summer clothes. For me, it’s maybe more important than the lower body in this overall body look...