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Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

Watch this video and more on PILATESNESS

DAY 7_HIIT Yogilates



  • DAY 8_Cardio Core Pilates

    In this workout we are going to get heart rate up and do some Cardio Pilates, while engaging Core and having better body control.
    If you want to challenge yourself more, you can use Dumbbells or 2 bottles of Water.

  • DAY 9_Lower Body Pilates Workout

    Today we have great lower body workout which can really help to tone beautiful and lean legs, lift your butt, strengthen your body and make you feel strong and powerful.

  • DAY 10_Stretching Detox Pilates

    This class is created to help you to release the toxins out of your system. How are we going to do this? With lots of twisting which provide an internal massage to the organs. At the same time we are going to stretch muscles and help you to release the stress and tension.