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Day 1 - Easy Morning Flow

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Summer Define - Introduction



  • Day 1 - Easy Morning Flow

    For the first day, we have an easy morning Pilates flow. This class is created to warm up your body and joints, leaving you energized and ready to move freely, as you build strength, flexibility, and mindful movement to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

  • Day 2 - Low Impact Full Body

    Welcome to Day 2 of Summer Define! Today's class is a Low Impact Full-Body Workout with dumbbells. I'll be using a small pair of dumbbells, each weighing 1 kg. The term 'low impact' means that this class is gentle on your joints while still being highly effective in toning your muscles.

  • Day 3 - Upper Body Toning

    Day 3 is an upper body toning class with dumbbells. This workout will sculpt and tone beautiful arms, while we also target shoulders and upper back.