Welcome to Summer Define, a brand new Pilatesness program, designed to help you sculpt and define your body while establishing a consistent Pilates routine that you will stick to. Imagine starting your day with an energizing Pilates session, setting a positive and healthy tone for the rest of your day, and feeling amazing throughout the day. Together, we will focus on targeting your core, improving your posture, and sculpting and toning your entire body. With a combination of mat Pilates and sometimes small pair of dumbbells, you'll experience all the amazing Pilates movements, that will make you move, feel and look better. This program will help you establish a healthy routine that will not only benefit your body but also boost your mood and overall positivity. Join Pilatesness to kickstart your summer and create your at-home Pilates routine that will make you feel your best and fittest self this summer.

  • Summer Define - Introduction

  • Day 1 - Easy Morning Flow

    For the first day, we have an easy morning Pilates flow. This class is created to warm up your body and joints, leaving you energized and ready to move freely, as you build strength, flexibility, and mindful movement to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

  • Day 2 - Low Impact Full Body

    Welcome to Day 2 of Summer Define! Today's class is a Low Impact Full-Body Workout with dumbbells. I'll be using a small pair of dumbbells, each weighing 1 kg. The term 'low impact' means that this class is gentle on your joints while still being highly effective in toning your muscles.

  • Day 3 - Upper Body Toning

    Day 3 is an upper body toning class with dumbbells. This workout will sculpt and tone beautiful arms, while we also target shoulders and upper back.

  • Day 4 - Lower Body Sculpting

    For day 4 we have a lower body sculpting class with dumbbells. Hand weights will add additional resistance and make this class challenging. We are starting with an amazing plie series, so join me on the mat.

  • Day 5 - LIIT pilates

    Welcome to day 5, and LIIT Pilates class. LIIT stands for low-intensity interval training. We use a timer and follow the pace by exercising 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off (break). Join me on the mat.

  • Day 6 - Bonus Class - Stretching

    On the last day of Summer Define we have a Stretching class. This class can help improve flexibility and recover your body to recover from this whole week of workouts and release soreness.