• Easy Flow Pilates 20 Min

    Welcome to Easy Flow Pilates. In this class, you can find some dynamic stretching exercises, and some classical Pilates moves. This is a nice and easy Pilates class with smooth transitions. You will feel amazing after this class since it will warm up your body and prepare you for the day.

  • Power Pilates Class 30 min

    In the Power Pilates class, we use small pair of dumbbells in order to create resistance that helps us build a strong and functional body. We will also work the upper body, lower body, and legs. If you don't have dumbbells use 2 bottles of water or any other hand weights.


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    Welcome to quick pilates - new series available for all Pilatesness members.
    This program is perfect for hot summer days, complementing full-length Pilates classes or as your workout guidance on vacation.
    Each day of this program has a different Focus and will work completely different muscle gro...

  • Back and Upper Body Toning Class

    Welcome to the Upper Body & Back Pilates Class. Today, we will start with a complete upper body toning session using a pair of small dumbbells. I have a pair that weighs 1 kilo each, but you can also use two bottles of water as an alternative. We will finish the class with some fantastic back exe...

  • Booty Toning Class

    In this Pilates class, we will focus on targeting all angles of your booty to create strong glutes. Strengthening your glutes not only lifts and tones your backside but also provides support for your spine and lower back. Join me on the mat.


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    Welcome to Summer Define, a brand new Pilatesness program, designed to help you sculpt and define your body while establishing a consistent Pilates routine that you will stick to. Imagine starting your day with an energizing Pilates session, setting a positive and healthy tone for the rest of you...


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    The menstrual phase starts on day 1 of your cycle (when your bleeding starts) and ends on day 5 of your cycle.
    Go easy and slowly, listen to your body, and follow along restorative and pain-reducing workouts created for this phase.
    Don't forget to follow nutrition recommendations, hydrate your bo...


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    The follicular phase starts on day 6 of your cycle and ends on day 11. This is the time when you start to feel your best. You are energized and focused, so use this time to move your body daily and be productive.


    Eat energy-building foods during your follicular phase to support your ...


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    The ovulatory phase starts on day 12 and ends on day 17 of your cycle. This is a great time to build muscles and increase your endurance, so we are focusing on cardio and strength workouts in this phase.


    Just after ovulation, you will notice lower energy levels, and digestive problem...


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    This is the longest phase. It starts on the 18th day of your cycle and lasts until the end of your cycle. We are easily starting to slow down and decrease the intensity of workouts. You should listen to your body as well and focus on the things that feel good for you.


    During this pha...