Welcome to the 3rd trimester of our Pregnancy Pilates Program. Here, you'll discover the best workouts for the third trimester of your pregnancy. This program is designed to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy journey.

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  • Day 16 - Pregnancy Pilates

    In this class, our focus is on upper body strength, pelvic floor, and core exercises. Strength training is very important during pregnancy and can help improve balance and posture, reduce back pain, and decrease the risk of falling. For this class, you'll need a small pair of dumbbells, each weig...

  • Day 13 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the first class of Pregnancy Pilates for the third trimester. In this session, we will focus on core strength and back mobility. This class is designed for the third trimester to help you feel energized, relaxed, and improve your mobility. Join me on the mat and experience how these ex...

  • Day 14 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the standing pregnancy Pilates class. In this class, we will remain in a standing position, so you won't need a mat. No additional weights or equipment are required. We will focus on the glutes and hips to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Let's get started!

  • Day 15 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This full-body class is specially designed for the third trimester to strengthen your entire body. Although it is tailored for the third trimester, it is completely safe for all stages of pregnancy. This class will help you move and feel better during your daily activities, boost your mood, and i...