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  • Easy Flow Pilates 20 Min

    Welcome to Easy Flow Pilates. In this class, you can find some dynamic stretching exercises, and some classical Pilates moves. This is a nice and easy Pilates class with smooth transitions. You will feel amazing after this class since it will warm up your body and prepare you for the day.

  • Abs And Back Pilates Class

    Welcome to the Back and abs series. Pilates always covers the whole body. But today we are going to focus on the back and abs, or core, to help you move freely, feel better and be stronger.

  • Easy Morning pilates flow_30 Minute

    Welcome to a 30-minute easy morning pilates flow. This class is great for starting the day off in the best possible way. If you feel back pain, feel stressed, or have a lake of energy, this class can help a lot.

  • Full Body Definition + Dynamic Stretching_45 minute

    Welcome to a full-body definition class with dynamic stretching. We use small pair of dumbbells to increase the intensity of this class, you can go without any hand weights, it will still be challenging. We have also dynamic stretching exercises that will help you improve your flexibility and fee...

  • Back and Spine Mobility Pilates

    Back and spine mobility pilates will help you increase the range of motion and improve the strength of your back. Back strength is so important because all those muscles support your spine. For a healthy spine, it is also important to be able to create freely in all directions. So, if you want to...

  • Yogalates and Stretching 35 min

    Yogalates and stretching is a great class that can help you improve flexibility. But don’t let the name fool you. It is also a very challenging workout that works on improving the strength of your body. It is soothing for your mind and helps raise your energy level. So many amazing benefits to a ...

  • Morning Back and Spine Pilates

  • Mobility Stretching

  • Legs strengthening and flexibility

  • Balance and Strength

    We are usually balancing through life so it’s important to find and improve physical balance which can reflect as well to your mental balance. Learn through this practice to embrace life and accept challenges, as they are. Whichever challenge you have in life, try to learn something from it. I’ll...

  • Stretching and Toning

  • Morning Pilates Routine

  • Full Body Pilates Class_40 min

  • Core and Spine Mobility

  • Total body Pilates Flow

    This is Total Body Pilates Flow Workout / The perfect MAT Pilates Workout.
    For this exercise you need only your mat and just a small space at your home or wherever you feel most comfortable.