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  • Easy Morning pilates flow_30 Minute

    Welcome to a 30-minute easy morning pilates flow. This class is great for starting the day off in the best possible way. If you feel back pain, feel stressed, or have a lake of energy, this class can help a lot.

  • Yogalates 30 Min - Tone and Sculpt

    Yogalates 30 min class will help you tone and sculpt your body. This class is a combination of yoga poses and gentle pilates exercises, which creates an easy flow workout. If you want to tone your body and improve flexibility this class is great for you. It is also more challenging than it sounds...

  • Yogalates and Stretching 35 min

    Yogalates and stretching is a great class that can help you improve flexibility. But don’t let the name fool you. It is also a very challenging workout that works on improving the strength of your body. It is soothing for your mind and helps raise your energy level. So many amazing benefits to a ...

  • Yogalates - Detox, Debloat and Intention setting

  • Energy Flow - Yogalates

  • Yogalates_Stretch and Strengthen with intention

    Welcome to this beautiful nature, which I hope you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming at this location for you.
    In this class, we are focusing on our mind as much as on our body. In order to have the best of your workout I want you to set your intentions for whit practice. Think abo...

  • Yogilates flow

    Yogilates is at the same time challenging and relaxing. It challenges your body and calms your mind. It will strengthen your core, legs, and back, and tone your whole body.