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  • Full Body Cardio Pilates

    Full body cardio Pilates class in which we focus on classical Pilates movements but at a fast pace, in order to achieve this amazing cardio burn effect. This workout is for you if your goal is to lose weight, or just to break a sweat. We use small pair of dumbbells, per 1 kg, to add more resistan...

  • Full Body Cardio + ABS 20 min

    This is Cardio Pilates fusion for the whole body and ABS exercises. It will move the whole body and engage your abdominals. I love cardio Pilates fusion because it combines two amazing forms of exercising into one. This workout will make you sweat in such a short time and you will feel your ABS r...

  • Cardio and Strength_35 Min Pilates

  • HIIT Cardio Pilates with Dumbbells_30 Min

    This 30 min Full Body Cardio HIIT will increase your energy flow and make you sweat. This is the best Cardio HIIT and Upper Body Strength training when you need a quick way to move your body, lose lots of calories and strengthen your arms. In this Full Body Cardio HIIT Pilates, we are using dumbb...

  • Low Impact Cardio_35 Min

  • Pilates Boxing Workout

  • Cardio Pilates + Boxing

  • Sculpting Cardio Pilates

  • HIIT Pilates

    Today we have two completely different forms of exercising combined together / it´s called HIIT Pilates.
    HIIT is High intensity interval training, and we do short bursts and alternate with low-intensity movements. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on improving strength and flexibility which mak...

  • HIIT and Pilates

    HIIT and Pilates is a combination of two completely different forms of exercising. HIIT is High intensity interval training, while pilates is low intensity and focuses on improving flexibility, which makes these 2 types of exercising perfect together. Workout is structured by 2 circles, we repeat...

  • Full Body Pilates / Weight Loss