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    Welcome to quick pilates - new series available for all Pilatesness members.
    This program is perfect for hot summer days, complementing full-length Pilates classes or as your workout guidance on vacation.
    Each day of this program has a different Focus and will work completely different muscle gro...


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    Welcome to Summer Define, a brand new Pilatesness program, designed to help you sculpt and define your body while establishing a consistent Pilates routine that you will stick to. Imagine starting your day with an energizing Pilates session, setting a positive and healthy tone for the rest of you...


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    Detox Pilates is a 5-day program created to help your body detox and de-bloat. In this program, you will find lots of twisting and stretching yogalates exercises.
    This program is perfect as a post-holiday or post-travel routine. In this 5-day program, you will find lots of twisting, stretching, a...


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    Abs and Core - Mindful Program is aimed to awaken your deep core muscles. We will learn how to control muscles and build a body-mind connection, in order to achieve better results.
    We have 5 low-impact classes as a part of this program + one bonus mindfulness meditation class. This program is gen...


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    Do you want to sculpt your body, and feel stronger and more energized? Welcome to Summer Glow - a perfect pilates program to prepare your body & mind for the summer.
    This program combines different types of workouts. You’ll find 5 workouts in the Summer Glow program and each one is a completely ...


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    Would you like to tone your body, burn fat, and balance your hormones, with a gentle and beginner-friendly workout?
    Welcome to TONE & BURN - a new Program in Online Studio Pilatesness which is aimed to help all Women, achieve amazing results by exercising only 30 min a day.​
    In this program we’r...


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    We all know that we are not going to have time to exercise and take care of fitness during the holiday season - and we don’t have to. Don’t feel bad for eating more and exercising less. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, enjoy the food and everything that makes you happy. But, to feel b...


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    Cellulite is a problem that many women struggle with, maybe even every single woman on this planet. I even wouldn't call it a problem, but it doesn't look nice and we don't want to see it on our bodies. It’s important to be aware that we can not get rid of cellulite completely, but we can reduce ...


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    *New* program - quick workouts for hot summer days.


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    I´m so happy to start this Mindfulness and Pilates Spring Challenge, which is aimed to help You achieve better fitness results and build stronger body-mind connection.

    Mindful living can have really big impact on quality of your life. It can help you to be more present and enjoy in every moment...


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    I´m so happy you decided to start your pilates journey with me.

    Pilates is the best choice if you want strong core, shaped abs, long lean muscles and better posture. In only 3 months you will feel taller, slimer, your balance will be improved and you will feel sexy again.

    This 5-Day Program i...


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    This is short workout program for those days when you don´t have time, but still want to stay active.

  • ABS & CORE

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    Welcome to Intense 5-Day ABS and Core Challenge!
    Why Core? Because I can´t stress enough how important for you is to have strong and, at the same time, Core which is able to move freely in all directions.
    I can´t explain what exactly core is, because core is everything. Yes, it includes abs, some...


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    I am really happy to welcome you here. This challenge is created by my own experience.
    This is my go-to program when I need to sweat, get back to shape fast and feel some new energy.
    This is a 2-week program, with 5 workouts per week. Each workout is 20 min.
    It will boost your metabolism, burn f...


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    6 Week Transformation Challenge is all about providing you possibility to feel better, move freely and look leaner. 

    In this Challenge we are going to have 6 days of exercising per week. Each Workout is 20 - 30 minutes. 

    We are going to awaken all small muscles, stretch and elongate whole body ...