Hi, expecting mama!

Welcome to the Pregnancy Pilates Program — your prenatal journey towards a better and easier pregnancy experience. This is your special journey, and Pilatesness is here to guide and support you every step of the way to stay healthy, fit, and move with ease and comfort throughout your pregnancy.

Our program is designed with care for every trimester, helping you feel strong in both body and mind as you and your baby grow together. Each session provides a space for finding relief from stress and anxiety and embracing moments of peace and connection with your baby.

Join the Pregnancy Pilates Program and make your pregnancy a beautiful celebration of strength, love, and well-being — for yourself and your baby.

*** FAQ ***

- When should I start pregnancy Pilates?
It is best to ask your gynecologist. The pregnancy Pilates program is generally safe for each trimester of healthy and normal pregnancy.

- How often should I exercise?
The program is created to teach you to move intuitively and listen to your body signals. That means that in some phases of your pregnancy, you will feel like exercising daily, but in others, you will be into movement 2-3 times per week. Listen to your body, and do what feels best for you.

- Can I exercise Pilates in pregnancy if I have no previous experience with Pilates?
Yes, pregnancy pilates program is beginner-friendly and pregnancy-safe so you can join even without any previous experience.

- What do I need to start?
Laptop, mat, small pair of dumbbells (or 2 bottles of water) resistance band (light one), and something comfortable to wear (we do exercises barefoot).

- What is the price?
You can join Pilatesness only studio and pay a monthly membership - EUR 17 and can cancel any time. Or you can purchase only the Pregnancy Pilates program - EUR 50.

  • Day 1 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Tips on how to feel your best during your pregnancy and what will happen with your body. How to stay strong and avoid muscle pain during pregnancy. Enjoy your first pregnancy workout.

  • Day 2 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the second class of our Pregnancy Pilates program, part of the first trimester series. Today's session will focus entirely on exercises performed in a standing position. It's designed for those days when you don't feel like lying down on the mat but still want to engage your body and prio...

  • Day 3 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the third session of our Pregnancy Pilates Program, a series designed specifically for expecting mothers aiming for a healthy and active pregnancy. Today's focus lies on lying-down exercises. We aim to offer diverse workouts for each day of the program, enabling you to select the most res...

  • Day 4 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to Day 4 of the First Trimester Series from the Pregnancy Pilates Program! Today, we have a Resistance Band class. We'll be using a light resistance band to create the tension necessary for building upper body strength, a crucial aspect during pregnancy. Join me on the mat.

  • Day 5 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is a full-body pregnancy Pilates class. In addition to focusing on overall strength, we will also work on enhancing flexibility in the lower body and pelvic floor. The pelvic floor must be both strong and flexible, as this facilitates the birthing process. Strengthening these muscles will su...

  • Day 6 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to another pregnancy class. Today, we'll be using small pairs of dumbbells, weighing 1 kg each. You can opt for the same size or even smaller weights, or you can participate without any hand weights at all. This class will provide a challenging workout aimed at improving the strength of y...

  • Day 7 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the first class of the second trimester in our Pregnancy Pilates program. Today, our focus will be on elongating and preparing our bodies for labor. Throughout the second trimester series, we'll take it easy and slow, emphasizing the quality of each movement. For this class, we'll be usin...

  • Day 8 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This is the second class of the second trimester, where our focus will be on the legs. To feel free and live without pain, aim to attend this class as often as possible. During this workout, you'll encounter a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening your back and improving mobility. All you n...

  • Day 9 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to Day 9 of Pregnancy Pilates. This is another workout from the second trimester. We will move through a variety of positions with smooth transitions, starting with standing exercises for strength and balance, then moving to all-fours exercises, and finishing the class with movements whil...

  • Day 10 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Today, we have a toning Pilates class designed for pregnancy. This workout is safe for the first two trimesters, but please avoid any exercises that involve lying on your back during the third trimester. The class is specifically tailored for the second trimester, so grab a pair of 1 kg dumbbells...

  • Day 11 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the Pregnancy Pilates class for the second trimester. Today we focus on glutes only. Weak glutes might be the reason for bladder frequency and urgency. For this class, you need only your mat and something comfy to weak. Let`s get started.

  • Day 12 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Upper body strength and mobility Pilates for pregnancy. Focusing on building upper body strength and mobility can minimize upper back, shoulder, and neck pain and discomfort. It is also important to keep your upper body mobile and flexible. If you want to achieve and have all these amazing benefi...

  • Day 13 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the first class of Pregnancy Pilates for the third trimester. In this session, we will focus on core strength and back mobility. This class is designed for the third trimester to help you feel energized, relaxed, and improve your mobility. Join me on the mat and experience how these ex...

  • Day 14 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the standing pregnancy Pilates class. In this class, we will remain in a standing position, so you won't need a mat. No additional weights or equipment are required. We will focus on the glutes and hips to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Let's get started!

  • Day 15 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This full-body class is specially designed for the third trimester to strengthen your entire body. Although it is tailored for the third trimester, it is completely safe for all stages of pregnancy. This class will help you move and feel better during your daily activities, boost your mood, and i...

  • Day 16 - Pregnancy Pilates

    In this class, our focus is on upper body strength, pelvic floor, and core exercises. Strength training is very important during pregnancy and can help improve balance and posture, reduce back pain, and decrease the risk of falling. For this class, you'll need a small pair of dumbbells, each weig...

  • Day 17 - Pregnancy Pilates

    This class is perfect to start your day in the best possible way. This Pilates session will warm up your joints, improve mobility, and help you begin your day without pain or discomfort from sleeping. All you need is a mat and something comfortable to wear.

  • Day 18 - Pregnancy Pilates

    Welcome to the last video from the Pregnancy Pilates Program. Today we have a labour preparation class. Although this class is safe for all three trimesters, it is especially beneficial for week 37 and beyond. We will focus on the exercises that will help you move and live comfortably, without pa...