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  • Full Length 55 Minutes Class

    Welcome to the 55-minute class. for the first time, we have a full-length class like the one you get in the studio. Enjoy and let me know how it was!

  • Full body toning class with dumbbells

    By adding dumbbells to Pilates we increase the intensity of the workout and achieve toning and strengthening effects.
    Toning class with dumbbells will help you tone your muscles and get a strong and functional body. In this class, we are using dumbbells per 1 kg weight, but if you don’t have hand...

  • Core and Legs Toning

  • Arms Toning and Posture Class 30 Min

    This class will help you tone your arms and improve your posture. It is an intensive 30 min pilates class for the whole upper body. We are going to target all those muscles of your upper body, and you will feel much stronger after this class. I use small pair of dumbbells in this class, but it is...

  • Low Impact Cardio_35 Min

  • Lean and Toned Legs - Low-impact Pilates 30 Min

    Today we have 30 minutes low-impact class and we are focusing mostly on legs. Low-impact classes are gentle for your joints because there is no jumping. Don't let the name fool you, low impact is not easy, it is more challenging than it sounds (or looks), but its benefits are amazing. It can help...

  • Full Body Mat Pilates_30 min

  • Abs and Waistline / 30 min class

    This 30 min Pilatesness class will help you sculpt your stomach and create a slimmer waistline. In this Pilatesness class, we have lots of planks, side planks, rotations, and core strengthening exercises. All those exercises will help you strengthen your abs and get you a slimmer waistline.

  • Butt Lifting - Standing Workout

  • Booty Low Impact Workout

    Booty Low Impact will target your glutes from many angles. Booty sculpting low impact is 25 min workout that will target your gluts. We have all 4 series and the bridging series of exercises. I highly suggest following my pace, because we want to go as slowly as possible. This workout will improv...

  • Upper Body Strength and Toning

    Upper Body Pilates is a great workout if you want to Strengthen and Tone your Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Back. It's nice to have beautiful and toned arms and shoulders but it's even more important to have a strong and functional upper body. Strong Upper Body will provide you with overall body str...

  • Easy Flow Barre Style

    Easy flow barre style great workout that can help you sculpt and tone your body. This class will help you tone your muscles and improve posture and balance. You will love how gentle, but at the same time challenging it is. The best time to do this workout is in the morning and it can really boost...

  • Relaxing Full Body Pilates

  • Legs and Arms Toning - With dumbbells

  • Butt and Abs Pilates

  • Toning and sculpting pilates

    Toning and Sculpting class is the best for creating those long, lean muscles we all love. This class will as well elevate your energy to the next level and it will boost your metabolism. In this class we’re using light weights - I have dumbbells per 1-kilo weight, if you don't have dumbbells take...

  • Legs and Arms Sculpting

  • Toning and sculpting pilates

  • Barre Toning Flow

    This is Barre - Toning Flow class. Barre is a combination of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga. This will help you to find a mind-body connection, to improve your endurance, and increase flexibility.

  • Toning Cardio Full Body

    This is Toning Cardio Full Body workout. This workout will raise your heart rate, increase overall strength and agility and make you sweat. Enjoy this beautiful nature around me and join me on the mat.

  • Standing Toning Pilates Workout_30 min

  • Stretching and Toning

  • Short and Effective class