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  • Full body toning class with dumbbells

    By adding dumbbells to Pilates we increase the intensity of the workout and achieve toning and strengthening effects.
    Toning class with dumbbells will help you tone your muscles and get a strong and functional body. In this class, we are using dumbbells per 1 kg weight, but if you don’t have hand...

  • Core and Legs Toning

  • Back and Spine Mobility Pilates

    Back and spine mobility pilates will help you increase the range of motion and improve the strength of your back. Back strength is so important because all those muscles support your spine. For a healthy spine, it is also important to be able to create freely in all directions. So, if you want to...

  • Cardio and Strength_35 Min Pilates

  • Abs and Waistline / 30 min class

    This 30 min Pilatesness class will help you sculpt your stomach and create a slimmer waistline. In this Pilatesness class, we have lots of planks, side planks, rotations, and core strengthening exercises. All those exercises will help you strengthen your abs and get you a slimmer waistline.

  • Butt Lifting - Standing Workout

  • Booty Low Impact Workout

    Booty Low Impact will target your glutes from many angles. Booty sculpting low impact is 25 min workout that will target your gluts. We have all 4 series and the bridging series of exercises. I highly suggest following my pace, because we want to go as slowly as possible. This workout will improv...

  • Upper Body Strength and Toning

    Upper Body Pilates is a great workout if you want to Strengthen and Tone your Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Back. It's nice to have beautiful and toned arms and shoulders but it's even more important to have a strong and functional upper body. Strong Upper Body will provide you with overall body str...

  • Spine and Hips Strength and Mobility

    Today we are focusing on the Spine and Hips, with an aim to improve strength and mobility. If you have ever had any back problems you know how important it is to have a strong back to move freely and feel good in your body. This is a classical Pilates class with great exercises that will help you...

  • Body Weight Toning Cardio

  • Strength and Control

    Today I want you to focus on the control, to feel your muscles filling up with blood, with every exercise. So, don’t rush, don’t count, do it as slow as possible and let's make our bodies stronger.

  • Strengthen and stabilize your core

  • Legs and Booty Workout

  • Legs strengthening and flexibility

  • Classical Pilates - Full Body

    Classical Pilates full body workout will move your whole body, engage your core, improve flexibility and increase your body-mind connection. This workout is Pilates foundation and covers all Pilates principles.

  • Balance and Strength

    We are usually balancing through life so it’s important to find and improve physical balance which can reflect as well to your mental balance. Learn through this practice to embrace life and accept challenges, as they are. Whichever challenge you have in life, try to learn something from it. I’ll...

  • Arms and Back Workout

    Today we’re going to use weight, or if you don’t have 1 kg dumbbells take two small bottles of water. Strong arms are important for carrying things around, lifting, better movement and back protection. Also, strength training exercises for your arms, even with so small weight like this can boost ...

  • Abs and Core workout

    This workout will target your belly fat but don’t forget, if you really want to get rid of this stubborn fat on your belly, it should be followed by a special belly fat meal plan. Join me on the mat.

  • RESISTANCE BAND Full Body Pilates

    In this video I am using this Resistance Band bellow, which is 2 – 8 kg strength:

    Moreover, buying Resistance Band is the best investment in your health – your body will thank you for it. This very affordable piece of equipment can replace an entire gym.

    This Pilatesness ...

  • Plank challenge class

  • Morning Pilates Routine